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”John Kuharchuk is one of the few professionals in our business who can bring clarity to design, planning, marketing and sales processes and understands how it all connects.  His ability to support and drive the big picture while providing attention to the details has been a big part of our success.  I can not think of anyone else I would rather partner with.”
Arnie Seitel – Principal, Strategyst LLC (http://www.strategystllc.com/)

“I have known John for over twenty years now and if I were a Developer, John would be on my development team.  He would offer that invaluable experience that is hard to define, yet missing from most teams.”
Bob Rennie – Principal, Rennie Marketing Systems (http://www.rennie.com/)

“John’s insight, global perspective, experience, and tenacity are key qualities that we so thoroughly appreciate when working together.  His nuanced appreciation of design and the value it brings to a project has made our many high concept collaborations come to life in a way that surpassed all team expectations.  Thank you John!”
Cynthia Penner – Principal, Box Interior Design (http://www.boxinteriordesign.com/)

“It would be difficult for me to capture in words for the reader the full scope of John’s level of involvement and the value he has captured in his work on the projects we have completed together.  It begins with the application of his exceptional personal aesthetic and a highly developed sense of taste and is then combined with a tenacious work ethic, meticulous attention to detail and an applied focus and intensity.  The sum of John’s contribution, in responding to my vision for our projects and in satisfying the design team members’ goals have exceeded all professional expectations and I am pleased to provide the highest form of recommendation possible to John Kuharchuk.”
John deC. Evans – President, Trilogy Group of Companies (http://www.trilogyproperties.com/)

“It is only because of you and your guidance that [Sanctuary South Beach] was saved. In fact it turned out quite incredible! We are forever in your debt!  A great, sincere thank you!”
Russell W. Galbut – Managing Principal, Crescent Heights of America (http://www.crescentheights.com/)

”John is a world-class talent.  Assisting us with our projects in North America and Asia, he consistently exceeded our expectations and delivered much more than we could have compensated him for.  He is that person who ensures “no stone is left unturned”.  It’s difficult to understand the true value and risk mitigation that John contributes to a project or team until you’ve had the good fortune to work with him.  He should be one of your first calls…”

Sid Landolt – Chief Executive Officer, S&P Destination Properties


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