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John Kuharchuk has led a diverse collection of projects from vision to reality, demonstrating considerable talent for crafting distinct, memorable and highly marketable real estate profiting all stakeholders.

He has played a pivotal role in the creation of boutique hotel, branded hotel-condo, multifamily, resort and mixed-use residential, retail and resort fractional projects. John is equally comfortable driving the initial conceptualization or building on someone else’s vision. Twenty five years of development, marketing and sales experience have taught him a great deal about how to create and realize value, as well as how to maximize the effectiveness of brand, positioning, design and procurement.


A deep-seated development orientation and principal’s mindset reinforce his bottom line accountability. Together with the perspective gained from working in a multitude of different markets and market cycles, these things better equip John to align a project appropriately from the outset, assess and remedy a project that may be or have become misaligned, and ensure that nothing is missed during execution.


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Phone +1 (604) 551-3035

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